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HumphreyLine, Inc. has been a leading supplier to the promotional products marketplace for nearly 50 years.

We are located in Portland, OR
The company was incorporated in 1957 and was known in the beginning as Molded Container Corporation, a supplier of food packaging products. Molded Container eventually changed its name to HumphreyLine as promotional products grew to be the major segment of sales and operations. We are a family owned and operated business, and have been under the same ownership since 1991.

Today, promotional products is what we’re all about. Humphrey is known as the originator of the promotional Humphrey Flyer, essentially a “flying billboard” and an industry standard. We remain the leader in the flyer product category, and offer the only Child Safety Tested flyers in the industry. From its beginning back in the early days of the popular “Frisbee™,” Humphrey has broadened its plastics product line to include stadium cups, sandpails, sport bottles, and yoyos.

In recent years, we’ve added personal care products such as lip balm, hand sanitizers, sunscreen, soaps and lotions to our product offerings. We’ve brought to this growing product segment the same level of quality and service Humphrey has been known for for years.

We are now and always have been an American manufacturing company, defining our business as “serving the customer.” Headquartered in Oregon, Humphrey manufactures most of its products in its own production facility in Florence, Kentucky. A limited number of products are assembled in Utah.

Today, we’re excited to build and grow in the promotional products marketplace, in keeping with HumphreyLine’s vision, focus, and recognition as a leader and quality supplier to our customers everywhere.